Frequently Asked Questions about Remodeling

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes. We also require all subcontractors to maintain proof of liability insurance, each policy is kept on file. We are licensed with PPRBD.

How long have you been in business?
Since 1999. We were incorporated in 2004.

Are you BBB members?
We have been BBB members since 2007, we are accredited and maintain an A+ rating.

What is your process? Detailed information about our process can be found HERE.

Do you have interior designers that can help us with our project, even if we don’t hire Stewart Remodeling to do the work? Yes, our certified designers can coordinate any and all of your selections, including fabrics, cabinetry, electrical and plumbing fixtures, countertops, and more! Design services are charged hourly or by the job.

Do you design and sell kitchen cabinetry? Yes, we carry multiple cabinet lines and offer competitive prices.

Do you provide free estimates?
Initially we provide a general price range, and as the project progresses and we have all the details, we are able to give our clients a price for all work to be completed.

How long do you warranty your work?
We warranty labor for one-year from the date of installation. Material warranties vary by manufacturer. If, for instance, a part is warrantied for life but fails after the one-year labor warranty has expired, the labor cost would not be covered.

Do you provide labor and material prices on your estimates?
Material and labor prices are sensitive information that can potentially compromise our business partnerships and profitability. However, we can provide costs for various pieces of a project.

Do you allow clients to purchase their own materials?
We strongly encourage clients to allow us to make purchases for them. We have good buying power, we have good relationships with vendors who provide support when we need it (unlike the internet), and our subcontractors will not warranty products that clients purchase due to the higher rate of callbacks.

Do you allow clients to hire their own subcontractors or do the work themselves?
We strongly encourage clients to allow us to provide the craftsmen. They have been chosen because they do excellent work and work with us continually and understand our high expectations. They work well together. Our goal is the same as our clients, to provide the best product we possibly can. The more control we have during the remodeling process, the better chance we can control the outcome.

What are average remodeling costs and ROI? The answer varies from job to job. You can refer to’s 2016 Cost vs. Value Chart for some helpful information. Keep in mind, these are average national/regional costs.