Our Process

The following information is a description of our “design” process, from the time you first contact Stewart Remodeling to the time a contract is executed and the work begins. The timeline varies depending on the size of the job, its complexity, and a client’s ability to make decisions. The typical kitchen or bathroom design phase takes 3-6 weeks.

Contact us: via phone, email, or visit our design center

Phone Consultation: We will discuss details of your project on the phone by asking a series of questions relating to your project. Three questions that we ask are:

  1. What and why do you want to remodel?
  2. When do you want your remodeling project completed by?
  3. What is your budget for the project?

    We ask the budget question for two reasons. First, if a potential client has not hired a professional remodeling company before and has not researched remodeling costs, they may not know what a reasonable budget is. Secondly, when we know a client’s budget we can design a project accordingly. Otherwise, we’re just guessing.

  4. For more information on national remodeling costs, regional remodeling costs, and their expected ROI, visit Remodeling.com’s 2016 Cost vs. Value Report. This will give you some basic information, but keep in mind, this report is very broad. Prices and ROI can differ substantially per job.

Design Consultation: We schedule a time to visit your home for a free Design Consultation. The goal is to get to know the client better, discuss the scope of the project, review our process, capture project information, and provide a range of the project’s cost.

Preliminary Agreement: After the Design Consultation at the client’s home, we typically sign a Preliminary Agreement before moving forward. The Preliminary Agreement is a non-binding design contract, the cost is based on a percentage of the estimated project cost. This may also include architectural drawings, feasibility studies, engineering, HOA approvals, zoning, etc. Although the Preliminary Agreement is non-refundable, the design fee is refunded at contract signing – a construction contract is our goal. The Preliminary Agreement includes a Design Presentation at our office, followed by Selections (which also take place at our design center). The final piece of the Preliminary Agreement is a team walk-through at the client’s home.

Design Presentation: During the Design Presentation, we provide 3D renderings to show clients what their finished project may look like. Our designers will also provide a pallet of suggested materials. The project’s price is often discussed in more detail.

Selections: Next, we schedule selections at our design center. Maintaining a design center and employing interior designer (not decorators), provides several distinct advantages. Clients typically only have to come to our design center, they don’t have to make trips around town. By working with one designer, there is consistency not only in selections, but the same designer is present for the duration of the job. And because Stewart Remodeling also sells tile, cabinets, knobs and pulls, plumbing fixtures, fireplaces, and grills, our staff has extensive product knowledge.

Team Walk-Through: After the selection process has been completed, we execute a team walk-through to confirm the scope of work. This is such an important piece. It allows clients to meet our team members, it allows our team members to get to know the job, and it enables Stewart Remodeling to know the financial side of the job before starting a project.

Contract Signing: Contract signing also includes a review of drawings, 3D renderings, and materials that have been selected. The contract is signed, schedule is built, materials are ordered, and the fun begins!