Orren Bemrose


Orren Bemrose, Superintendent

The year was 1985 when I decided that Idaho was a good place to be born. My parents both had deep roots in the area, and were as country as a wild apple tree. One of my fondest memories of Cambridge, the small town that I grew up in, with a staggering population of 365, was picking and eating a fresh apple from the tree that grew wild down by the creek. The creek ran on the other side of the alfalfa field just behind our house, and was used for irrigation and watering animals. My Father raised quarter horses, and my mother raised wild children. My country upbringing has much to do with my strong work ethics I hold today.

My family and I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada during my high-school years, where I attended a Trade School. I took Carpentry Tech for 2 years and jumped into construction right after graduation. I love working with my hands and have been in the construction industry for over 15 years. My wife and I moved to Colorado Springs in 2012 and we have much to be thankful for here, including our 2 children.

I joined the team here at Stewart Remodeling in 2018 and it's an honor to work with a group of such high achievers, with the utmost integrity. We are on the front end of the Remodeling industry and it?s great being a part of such quality driven renovations. One of my favorite parts of this career is getting to meet and build friendships with the homeowners of our town.

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