Tom Stewart

Owner & Operator

Tom Stewart, Owner/Operator

Although I'm not a native (Air Force brat), I am the third generation to call Colorado home. I basically grew up in Southern Illinois, completed high school in Centennial, then attended UCCS for business/played basketball.

After eight years of employment with UPS and a brief stint as a writer (football), I began working with my father-in-law in construction - he was a semi-retired builder. I've been working in this industry ever since.

I have to say that I love what I do and respect and enjoy the people I work with. We work in a great industry with so many other hard-working, honest people. It's too bad our industry has a negative reputation, something we hope to help change.

I am a single father (widower). Although my son and I have been through more trials than anyone I personally know, I wouldn't trade any of it. Many clients have met my son and were/are a part of our journey. You get to see the best in people when in need, that is one of the many life lessons/blessings we've experienced.

My hobbies include cycling, sports, cooking, reading, and ministry. I have been involved with Awana for the past 8-years and have coached or helped coach youth sports.

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