Our Process

Thank you for visiting Stewart Remodeling and for your interest in working with our company.  We are a Design-Build remodeling company who strives to provide value to our clients through our work, people, products, and processes.  Our business model is created for those who are looking for a professional turnkey contractor to take their project from design to completion.  Most of our interior remodeling projects or additions include a Design Agreement before a Construction Contract is executed. 

Front-End Process   

  • Contact Us:  You can either call us at (719) 266-0336 or use our Consultation form on the Contact Us page.
  • Phone Consultation:  We’d like to spend a few minutes discussing your project on the phone, including an overview of the scope of work, budget, timeline, and more.   
  • Consultation at our Office:  The last step of our Front-End Process is to meet with us at our office.  It often involves a designer and possibly a project manager.  We discuss your project in more detail, look at photos, plans (if available), and even view materials in our Design Center.  This gives both of us the opportunity to get to know each other better.       
  • Design Agreement:  A Design Agreement is typically signed at this point of the process, prior to visiting one’s home.  The design cost is billed hourly.  For larger projects like additions, we may sign a retainer that covers our cost to meet onsite to determine feasibility.    

Design Process

The goal of our design process is the same for every job, we want to get to know our clients, their home, and the specifics of their job before any work begins.  Working under a Design Agreement affords us the time to do this.  The “simplest” of jobs are never as easy as they seem, and for larger projects preparation becomes even more important. 

Clients work with one designer from the start of the design through the end of the job.  This brings cohesion to the process and to the design, getting one expert opinion to coordinate finishes.  It also means we have one more team member, along with a Superintendent and Project Manager, who knows the specifics of a given job.   

The timeline for the design process varies and is dependent on the size of the job, complexity, and the client’s ability to make decisions.     

There are three primary pieces of our design process; design, selection, and walk-through.  In the design phase, the new layout is created using CAD drawings and 3D renderings. 

Once the design is completed, clients come to our Design Center to make their selections.  One of the advantages of maintaining a design center is that our clients don’t have to visit other locations to make selections, making it convenient and timely.  We may want to select a specific granite slab at an offsite location, for instance, but for the most part selections take place at our Design Center.

The final piece of the design process is the walk-through.  This is such an important part of our process.  It allows clients to meet some of our trade partners, it allows our trade partners to get to know their job, and it finalizes our labor costs.  

Once design is completed, then a Construction Contract is signed, the project is scheduled, and work begins.   

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