The following pricing information, for various remodeling and exterior-type projects, is a combination of national average costs from reputable sources such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association and Hanley wood, as well as our own historical data.


The national average hourly rate for design work varies greatly, but it generally ranges from $60 an hour to hundreds an hour for consultation with a degreed/certified designer, not to be confused with a decorator – which requires no formal degree/training.

Stewart Remodel Design Build design costs are a separate cost from construction, are typically billed at $80 an hour, and drawings remain property of Stewart Remodel Design Build until a construction contract is signed. Design includes as-built plans, final plans, working drawings for the trades, selections of materials with clients, and executing walk-throughs with our team prior to finalizing the construction contract.

Design costs vary depending upon the size and complexity of a job, as well as the client’s ability to make decisions. In our experience, the cost of design averages around 10% of the cost of a project. However, for “replacement jobs” such as a kitchen remodel with no layout changes, there should be less design work so the design may cost less.

Kitchen Remodeling

The National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates that investing between 10-15% of the value of your home on a kitchen remodel is within reason, i.e. you’re not spending too much or too little. Our experience would support this for homes valued at $400,000 or more. For homes valued at less than that, then the realistic cost would likely be 15% of the home’s value or more.

Hanley Wood is a data driven company that provides insight into multiple facets of the construction industry, including residential remodeling pricing information. Each year they provide a Cost vs. Value report that gives median costs for various remodeling projects.

In their research, a “midrange” kitchen remodel in Colorado Springs is projected to cost $64,799. It would include 30 linear feet of semi-custom cabinetry, a 3x5 island, laminate countertops, stainless steel sink, resilient flooring, custom lighting, range, range hood, microwave, dishwasher, and paint.

An “upscale” kitchen remodel would exceed $120,000. Hanley Wood assumes a similar sized kitchen to the “midrange” kitchen but with top of the line materials like cabinetry and appliances. We have found that the cost to remodel kitchens in the Colorado Springs area starts in the $45,000 range without including the cost of appliances. If there are layout changes, flooring, appliances, electrical additions, and/or semi-custom cabinets, prices tend to approach or exceed Hanley Wood’s “mid-range” price estimate.

Master Bathroom Remodeling

The National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates that spending between 5-10% is not an unreasonable expenditure for a master bath remodel.

Hanley Wood’s “Upscale” bathroom remodeling cost in Colorado Springs is projected to be $63,159. This would include expanding the bathroom to 100 square feet, relocating the fixtures (5-pieces), semi-custom cabinets, floor heat, stone countertop, and high-end fixtures.

Our average master bath remodel generally starts in the mid $40,000 range. Zero threshold showers, stand-alone tubs, heated tile, semi-custom cabinets, moving fixtures, and/or other upgrades routinely push the cost into the $50,000 - $60,000 range or more.

Spare Bath Remodel

Hanley Wood’s cost to remodel a 5’x7’ spare bath is projected to be $19,845. It includes replacing everything with “mid-grade” materials like 4x4” ceramic tiles.

Our average spare bath remodel starts in the mid-to-upper $20,000 range. We have remodeled many spare bathrooms over the years, but typically in conjunction with other projects on a home.

Mudroom/Laundry Room

There isn’t much national pricing information for mudrooms/laundry rooms. These rooms can vary so much in size, so prices vary drastically. Larger rooms, with ample cabinetry, folding tables, and sinks are becoming more common - prices tend to start in the mid $20,000 range.

Basement Remodel

There is no national information on basement remodeling costs, probably because basements aren’t as common in other parts of our country. Our cost to finish a basement starts around the $65 per finished square foot. Bathrooms, wet bars, fireplaces, and finishes like stone would be upgrades that increase the cost.


Colorado, like the northwest and southeast areas of our country, are “hotbeds” for outdoor living spaces, including custom decks. This likely increases the cost of decks in the Rocky Mountain region, there aren’t too many “postage stamp decks” built on the ground using less expensive materials. Most decks are elevated to enhance views. They often have steps, lighting, drainage systems, steel structures, and other enhancements. Hanley Wood’s average deck cost in Colorado Springs is projected to be $18,614. This cost estimate is unrealistic if the project is being built by a professional company.

Most of our low-maintenance decks start in the mid-$20,000 range. This type of project would be a second story deck with steps that is roughly 220 square feet. Enhancements, including decks that are larger in size, typically drive the cost to the $30,000 - $40,000 range or higher.

Patio Covers

Patio Covers are solid structures built to resemble the existing roofs on a home, these are not temporary structures or kits. Trusses, cranes, stone/stucco columns, lighting, and t & g ceilings are common. Patio cover prices resemble the cost of a deck, they usually start in the low $20,000 range for basic shed roofs. The cost for a gable roof with a few upgrades starts in the $30,000 range.

Outdoor Kitchens

There isn’t much national data for the cost of an Outdoor Kitchen. Outdoor kitchens typically involve framing, electrical, gas, stone/stucco, granite countertops, seating areas, and additional grill components like burners. Water is less common due to our short summer season. The most basic outdoor kitchen projects start in $15,000 range. Larger areas that include seating and additional accessories like coolers, burners, and refrigerators often exceed $20,000.


Hanley Wood’s projected cost of a “midrange” master suite addition is $127,270, while an “upscale” master suite addition is $264,164. Our experience is that the cost would be in the middle of this range. However, there are variables like accessibility that can greatly impact the price. That’s why using square footage numbers to predict prices on larger projects like additions can be misleading.

Detached Garages

Again, no national pricing date is available. Costs for detached garages start in the $150,000 range. Size, exterior finishes, types of windows, water/gas needs, and proximity to the existing driveway are drivers of cost.

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