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Insurance Claims Reconstruction

Rebuilding Lives After a Loss

If your home has been damaged, your insurance company is processing a claim, and you’re not sure what to do next, we can help! We find that most people don’t know where to turn when there is damage to their home, especially if the damage is significant and their lives are turned upside down. Insurance companies may or may not provide references, and some of the references for national companies have poor reviews. Compounding matters is that many local contractors don’t work with insurance companies, understandably so because it’s often complicated and time-consuming.

We began dabbling in insurance work in 2012 and have continued to do more work each year. We can navigate your insurance company and have the resources to repair your homes interior or exterior no matter how extensive the damage is.

In many cases, we end up doing additional work for clients outside of the insurance scope. If two of three bathrooms are damaged, clients may decide to go ahead and remodel the remaining one. We have even changed floorplans when entire levels of a house have been impacted by water or fire.

Insurance claim jobs that are the best fit for our company are larger in size and involve extensive damage caused by water or fire. These jobs would include things like cabinetry, flooring, drywall, paint, stucco, windows and doors, framing, trusses, and roofing. We do not have the capability to do minor insurance claim repairs.