Fireplace Remodeling

Fireplace remodeling in Colorado Springs and the surrounding Front Range has become a primary focus of our business because we have a unique ability to handle every aspect of a fireplace remodel no matter what the scope of work is. We find that even the simplest fireplace replacements may include changes to flooring, masonry, hearths, mantels, cabinetry, electrical, lighting, drywall, or paint. Complex jobs may include redesigning an entire room, moving the fireplace, or reinforcing a home’s existing structure.

Yet most companies only sell and install the fireplace units, which means clients may have to hire other companies to complete their project. Time and again we hear that clients would prefer to work with one company they can trust. Finding a remodeling company you can trust is a challenge, finding a remodeling company you can trust that can handle most of your remodeling needs is even harder – but that’s what we do.

Why are we the right fit for your fireplace remodeling project?

  1. Stewart Remodeling is currently a dealer for Vermont Castings, Majestic, and Superior fireplaces, so we naturally get better prices. If you’re considering another fireplace manufacturer, chances are we can acquire it for you through our channels or we can work directly with a local reseller.
  2. We have interior designers who can help you select and coordinate materials such as stone, mantles, flooring, hearths, lighting, and cabinetry. We can even redesign your space if you’re looking to create something entirely different.
  3. Because we are general contractors, we can schedule and manage your fireplace remodeling job, no matter what the scope of work entails. This means you can work with one trusted company through each step of your project, from design to selections to completion. Given the choice, most of our clients appreciate working with one reputable company they can trust.

Our process for fireplace remodeling is the same as it is with the rest of our business. Contact us so we can discuss your project, and thanks for considering Stewart Remodeling.

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