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Patio  Covers

Patio Covers  

Colorado Springs & Monument

Colorado’s high elevations and harsh UV often limits how much time we spend outside during the summer months, while snow and rain limits usage during the off-season.  This makes patio covers the ideal solution to extend the usability of any deck or patio. 

The first goal with any patio cover, as with any remodeling project, is to ensure the patio cover aesthetically matches the existing house and wasn’t an afterthought.  This often determines the type of cover that will look best and is feasible to build.   

Many of the materials used to build the cover will match the existing house, including soffit, fascia, roofing, gutters, and ceilings.   

Finishing touches could include things like tongue and groove ceilings, stone or stucco columns, exposed beams, lighting, heaters, ceiling fans, and even outdoor kitchens.  

Patio covers can be complex and usually involve a structural engineer, truss engineer, and even architects which is why many outdoor companies shy away from them. 

Since 2002, Stewart Remodel Design Build has been building decks and patio covers.  We work with engineers and architects on a regular basis and take on projects that are larger and more complex, so patio covers are something we are quite comfortable building.     

Our Process for Patio Covers 

  • Complete the Consultation Form or call us at (719) 418-5713
  • Discuss your project and budget on the phone
  • Set up a time to visit your home
  • Provide a preliminary budget 
  • Sign a Design/Construction contract

Why Stewart Remodeling 

  • In business since 1999
  • One company for all your exterior & interior remodeling needs
  • Design Center with product displays
  • Professional Design Services, including architecture 
  • 3-year labor warranty (decks, patio covers, outdoor kitchens)

Design/Preconstruction Services 

We have in-house Design/Preconstruction services that include 3D renderings.  Our Design/Preconstruction services give us the opportunity to get to know you, your home, examine options, value engineer, and it prepares us for the job ahead.  We also maintain relationships with architects for larger more complex jobs. 

Why Invest in a Patio Cover? 

  • Increased property value
  • Outdoor living is healthier for everyone
  • Provides additional entertainment options
  • Enhance your outdoor cooking experience
  • Improve your views of Colorado’s Front Range
  • Provide shelter from mother nature

FAQ: What is Outdoor Living? 

Outdoor Living is a blanket term that describes exterior remodeling projects that bring some of the comforts and amenities from the indoors to the outdoors. Outdoor living includes features such as patio covers, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, hardscapes (pavers, concrete), fireplaces, firepits, sunrooms, and more.