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Outdoor Kitchens

When you consider the upgrades you can make to your backyard, outdoor kitchens, also known as a built-in BBQ’s, provide a great value for your investment.

What benefits do outdoor kitchens provide? A worthy comparison is the kitchen inside your home. Your kitchen is the hub of the house, the place people gravitate too. It is designed to maximize the cooking experience. And kitchens allow you to make eye-popping statements with the combination of cabinetry, countertops, lighting, appliances, and other accessories. Outdoor kitchens really do accomplish these same things. They have steadily grown in popularity for over 30 years and are not a trendy fad that will go away anytime soon.

Most backyards consist of two things, either a deck or patio and a grill that is tucked in the corner somewhere where it is less visible and less likely to blow away. Freestanding BBQ’s themselves certainly are not something to draw attention to, yet when a grill is dropped into a setup that includes cabinetry and countertops, often outfitted with brick or stone, they become incredibly attractive, transforming the appearance of any backyard.

Outdoor kitchens enhance the cooking experience in several ways. Accessories like drawers and storage areas make organizing feasible and allow grill-related items to be stored in one place – instead of in the house, under the grill, and in the shed. Adding additional appliances, like outdoor-rated refrigerators, side burners, and warming drawers, to name a few, are common. These options make it feasible for you to do most of your meal preparation and cooking outside, if you so choose. Even if that is not your goal, you have ways to expand your outdoor cooking experience. Increased countertop space is such a useful addition to any cooking experience. Without it, grillers become jugglers, opening hoods, holding plates, running inside to grab sauces…..

So, the outdoor kitchen becomes a visual enhancement and drastically improves the cooking experience, but it also becomes the focal point of your backyard, just like the kitchen inside your home. Whether you are cooking for just your family or you are entertaining friends and neighbors, the outdoor kitchen is the place people will gravitate too. Thus, designing your outdoor kitchen to include seating is a great option to consider.

Although we have access to many grill manufacturers, we are an authorized DCS BBQ grill dealer. DCS was the original “built-in grill” BBQ, they really do make a high-quality product. One of their best features is that their burners are rated up to 25,000 BTU’s, which means you can sear your food on their standard burner if you so choose. Most gas grill burners are rated at 15,000 BTU’s.

We are also dealers for outdoor rated cabinets (powder-coated aluminum) that are manufactured in the US. They are custom made to order, so they work with any grill and grill components. These cabinets provide a more modern appearance, and since they are not permanently installed, you can take them with you if you were to ever move.

Our process for outdoor kitchens is straight forward, and we can accomplish most of our work without having to meet in person if circumstances require this (Covid 19). We typically charge a minimal design fee, which covers our time to create 3D renderings and to work with our trades to finalize the job scope and cost. The design fee is credited back to you at contract signing.