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Our Process

What to Expect

Our business model is designed for clients who are looking for a professional, trusted company to take care of all their remodeling needs, from design, to procurement of materials, to project management.  Many of our projects include a design contract first, followed by a construction contract.  Spending time getting to know our clients, their homes, and their project produces the best results.  

We classify projects in one of three ways:

  • Interior Design (could include material purchases)
  • Replacement jobs: Include projects like kitchens, baths, fireplaces, and decks – clients email photos of their home and answer a few questions relating to their project. We then meet in person or virtually to discus topics like design, cost, and timelines.
  • Design/Build projects: These are larger and more complex than replacement jobs.  They would include projects that have layout changes, structural changes, additions, patio enclosures, partial house remodels, whole house remodels, and/or detached garages. Feasibility and cost studies can precede design services if it’s warranted.  Architects may be a part of the process depending on the size and complexity of the project.  

During the design phase of a remodeling project, clients work directly with one of our designers. There are three pieces to our design process


Could also include engineering and architecture

Selection of materials

like cabinetry, fixtures and countertops

Team walkthrough

Our production staff gets to know you, your home, and your project.

Our design process not only enables us to provide you with a high-quality design, but it also prepares our team to successfully do their job. We use a team approach throughout the construction process, which includes design and production. There are typically three people involved in a given job, including the designer, estimator, and superintendent or project manager. After the design phase is completed, a construction contract is signed, and work begins.

Our design/build process is different from the bidding process that most people are familiar with, where clients talk to several contractors, get different ideas, different costs, and spend minimal time with each contractor before deciding who to hire. For these same jobs, the contractor makes educated guesses at costs, design, scope of work, and client tastes.  The contractors are working for free at this point, so time is of the essence. It’s a flawed system in every way.

Over the years we have tried every conceivable scenario to successfully estimate and produce jobs. We have reached the conclusion that spending time getting to know our clients, their homes, and their projects before finalizing a contract produces the best results. That’s why we continue to invest in and refine our design/build process.

There is a cost to the design process, it varies depending on the size and complexity of a job. As a percentage of the construction cost, it generally varies between a few % to 10% of the project cost. But there’s also a savings in reduced surprises, reduced errors, and greater efficiency. When clients experience the design/build process for the first time, they understand the value of it and prefer it.