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Our Pricing

Honest Pricing

The following information is a general overview of remodeling costs designed to provide you with a rough idea of various remodeling costs. This is based on national information, regional information, and our own information. Keep in mind that costs vary dramatically based on selections and feasibility, which is exactly why the design/build model is so effective and estimating can be misleading. For example, a toilet or a bathtub can cost hundreds, or it can cost many thousands. Maybe you want to make layout change in your kitchen, this might be a simple task with minimal cost, or it could impact other rooms in the house and be cost prohibitive.

Interior Design

Certified interior designers typically charge between $75 – $125 an hour for their services.  

Kitchen Remodeling

A good rule of thumb is that kitchen remodels cost between 10-15% of the value of a home. A “replacement” kitchen remodel where the basics like cabinets, countertops, backsplash, sink, faucet, and disposal are replaced is on the lower end of that range. If flooring, electrical, and/or appliances are needed, or if there’s a layout change, then the cost is on the higher end of that range and potentially more. The National Kitchen and Bath Association considers this to be a reasonable investment, where you’re not underspending or overspending.

Bathroom  Remodeling

A master bath remodel costs roughly 10% of the value of a home. This is again a figure that the NKBA uses, we find costs to be at that 10% or slightly higher.  Fixtures and tile are the two biggest factors that can tip the scales on cost, outside of layout changes. Smaller bathrooms, like spare bathrooms, are usually in the 6-8% range.

Patio Covers

A shed roof is the most basic form of a patio cover.  Built over a concrete slab, the cost starts in the $20,000 range, which includes lighting and tongue-and-groove ceiling.  The cost of a gable roof starts in the mid $30,000 range.  Building over an existing deck can add additional costs since the foundation of the deck and layout of the railing come into play. The foundation, framing, windows, and doors of the existing house impact the feasibility/cost.

Patio Enclosures / Four Season’s Rooms / Sunrooms Remodeling 

Enclosures and four season’s rooms are the same thing; just different terms people use to describe them. A sunroom actually carries different code requirements, think glass/plastic ceilings. All of these are similar to additions, but with a few code differences that simplify and lower costs. Most enclosures include a deck that is accessible from the room. Prices start around $80,000 and include a deck, a room with a patio cover, insulated walls and floors, lighting, operable windows, and a heat source. Amenities that increase costs include fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, audio/visual, masonry, tongue and groove ceilings, and glass doors.

Outdoor Kitchens

A basic outdoor kitchen that includes natural gas, electricity, masonry work, granite countertops, and a high-quality grill such as DCS grill starts in the mid-to-upper teens. Size of the grilling area, location of utilities, and number of accessories like side burners and refrigerators, impacts this cost.


Additions start in the $200 per square foot range. This would be for a project that is accessible and at ground level with no bathrooms. There are so many factors that drive costs higher.

Detached Garages

Costs for detached garages, that includes two garage doors, extra room for a shop/storage, insulated walls, drywall, paint, lighting, windows, exterior door, and concrete floor starts in the $175,000 range. Size, exterior finishes, types of windows, water/gas needs, and proximity to the existing driveway affect the cost. HOA’s may have specific design requirements.

Basement Remodeling

Costs start around $85 per square foot and vary drastically depending on bathrooms (number of and finishes), wet bars (cabinetry, size, appliances), fireplaces, flooring, and finishes like stone.

Deck Remodeling

A typical replacement deck in the Colorado Springs area would be 275 square feet in size and would include low-maintenance materials, treated/kiln dried structure, manufactured iron railings, and a set of steps. The cost would be in the $25,000-$40,000 range. The higher end of this range might include steel framing, lights, custom wrought iron railing, and/or a mid-span landing on the steps.